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Re: Cockatiel

Posted by LindaC in Ok on 3/20/07
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    On 3/19/07, renea wrote:
    > I have had my Cockatiels for about 4yrs. my husband built
    > an avery out back for them and one of them laid 2 eggs
    > friday afternoon she is laying on them keeping them safe
    > not to sure what to do?Do I take them from her or let her
    > keep siting on them?Will they hatch not sure?

    I take it this is a pair male/female. They usually lay an
    egg every day until they finish the clutch of from 4 to 7.
    4 or 5 is usual with most. IF they mated could be fertile.
    You could check the eggs with a small flashlight behind them
    looking for blood veins telling you fertile. If they are
    clear then not fertile. Either way leave the eggs. If
    fertile they will hatch at about 19/20 days. If not fertile
    we don't remove until nest is abandoned at about 25 days
    after the last egg was laid. The only nesting material I
    suggest is aspen wood shavings and the nest box about 11
    inches square.

    boost their calcium foods of kale, romaine lettuce,
    broccolli, mustard and collard greens. a couple of those
    daily for now along with all the other veggies they eat. do
    you know about feeding veggies?

    I will check back later and you might have other suggestions
    in the meantime.

    congratulations and good luck to you,


    ** clik on the link to see blood veins in eggs. this isn't
    tiels but will show you what they look like.

    ~clik here~

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