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Re: new girl

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 3/24/07
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    On 3/24/07, jill wrote:
    > hey everybody....i got a new female. i know she is over
    > 5months old but don't know her exact age. she is very
    > heavy pied. i have named her lucy....she's awsome. we
    > didn't think she'd be able to be held and stuff when we
    > first saw her but we clipped her feathers before we took
    > her and guess what....she's very easy going!!! she really
    > seems to like me alot anyway....just thought i'd tell
    > everyone,jill

    Hi Jill,

    How are the babies doing? Didn't she lay a second clutch for
    Congrats on Lucy... post a picture. You know we love