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Re: new girl

Posted by jill on 3/25/07
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    > How are the babies doing? Didn't she lay a second clutch for
    > you?
    > Congrats on Lucy... post a picture. You know we love
    > pictures.

    she did lay a second clutch but wasn't able to raise any young
    from that one. some hatched and seemed fine on day 2...full
    crops and very noisy...but the morning of day three both
    babies were dead. i don't know what happened or why...made me
    very sad so i took them off nb. put on a different pair. they
    are on eggs now. buttercup laid new eggs in large cage so i
    swapped some of lovey's non fertile eggs for some of hers. now
    i have lucy...i'm trying to find out more about her before i
    place her in my breeding program...but no matter what else
    she's an awsome pet. i will post pics as soon as i can!!!jill