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Re: new girl/what a beauty she is.

Posted by jill on 3/26/07
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    On 3/25/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > Congratulations to you both :-)

    thanks~! found out that lucy and two other birds had belonged to an
    elderly lady that passed away and willed them to a family member. said
    family member kept the birds for 1 year until it became too difficult
    for her to care for them. she then surrendered them to the local pet
    store in a hopes of finding them a good home. so i know she is likely
    over two. i will however wait until she and my boy have had a chance
    to bond well before i expect them to raise a family. plus i would
    like to convince her to eat greens and the like first. so far she only
    wants anyway, send more pics as we go,jill