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Re: Slow Crop Questions

Posted by Beth on 4/14/07
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    On 4/14/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > My first thought is usually one of the parents is too young
    > but I don't think that is so with yours.
    > Have you taken the parents for a vet check? If there is a
    > health issue this needs to be cleared of course.
    > When I put up nest boxes I give adult birds apple cider
    > vinegar for 3 days to help flush out any minor bacteria. 5
    > drops of acv in 8 oz of water. I might give it to them
    > again just before babys are to hatch for just 1 day. I am
    > getting better at giving it to all the birds for one day
    > once a month instead of every 5 or 6 weeks :-)
    > The only baby tiel I lost to crop problem I too pulled at
    > about 5 days old when I saw it in the nest too full when
    > others were not. After a vet visit and doing all necessary
    > it died after a week. That's when I learned to use the tube
    > with syringe to suction the crop. Not easy but it was
    > necessary so I didn't have to keep going to the vet. Since
    > then I've heard fresh papaya mashed/pureed will help flush
    > the crop. This is mixed with a tiny bit of water all same
    > temp as formula would be.
    > I do think the parents sence something wrong but we have
    > saved so many of these babys and that's a good thing.
    > Your 5 week old one could have aspirated on food. They drop
    > so many seeds while learning to hull them could be one went
    > down the wrong way with the baby trying not to drop it.
    > So very sorry Beth.
    > ((( )))
    > LindaC
    Hi LindaC,

    I have had the breeders on Avian Medicine Chest's Adult
    Probiotic & Vitamin Supplement, but I'll try the ACV
    treatment. Maybe that will be the secret ingredient!

    The 5 1/2 week old baby I referred to didn't aspirate. She
    had crop stasis. We had been treating her for 3 weeks and
    nothing worked! That's why I posted the question about slow