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Re: Slow Crop Questions - to Neil (PIC)

Posted by Beth on 4/25/07
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    That is the big question... why does only one baby develope
    slow crop when she is in the same brooder, getting food at the
    same temp and consistancy as several other babies? I agree
    with you that some may just be predesposed to the problem.
    I've found babies in the nest at 2 weeks old with slow crop
    and the clutchmates were fine. I tried every remedy I could
    find, but nothing could save it. I once found a 1 week old
    baby with a HUGE crop! (See pic below.)

    I'm going to try the ACV treatment for my breeders. Can you
    also give it to chicks that are being hand fed?

    On 4/24/07, Neil. wrote:
    > If slow crop was down to temperature of formular, temp of
    > breeder box etc...all chicks would get slow crop and not
    > just one of them, I used to sterilise all feeding utensils
    > etc but stil got the odd chick with slow crop, now I dont
    > serilise at all and the chicks are just the same!
    > Personally I think individual chicks are predisposed to crop
    > problems, who would know if these chicks were left in the
    > nest nest if they would survive?? no one would know.
    > I use Apple Cider Vinegar (just a few drops) in the last
    > feed of the day, so far no chciks have suffered from slow
    > crop!!