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Post: Cockatiel coloring

Posted by Margo Elmer on 4/24/07

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    At the risk of sounding stupid, I have to ask this question
    about Cockatiel coloring... My mother was a breeder all of
    my life, until she died at age 84. She bred for color and
    kept extensive records. All those years, until I was
    married and afterward when I had my own family, I worked
    along with her as she cared for the birds. The thing is I
    keep feeling like I heard the term "Harlequin" being used
    to describe a certain color pattern in some of her birds. I
    can't find any reference to it now, though. Does anyone
    know about this? I'm very curious. I don't have her
    records. I don't know what she did with them. Thanks for
    any ideas you might be willing to share. Margo

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