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Re: Cockatiel coloring

Posted by sings2ducks on 4/25/07
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    Thanks much, Linda. I appreciate it!

    On 4/25/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > *Pied (harlequin) - can show extremes from nearly white
    > overall to nearly grey overall with a few white feathers.
    > More often, head and back are white, crest and throat
    > yellow, orange cheek patches, upper wing coverts grey,
    > flight and tail feathers yellow.*
    > I don't do genetics but I've read and heard a pied is any
    > mutation that is 2 or more colors. I just love them all and
    > never bred for color, never switched mates around.
    > It's funny how terms get changed over the years. Long
    > ago 'pearls' were called 'lace'.
    > hope this helps. I just typed in 'what is a harlequin
    > cockatiel'? in my browser and came up with several sites.