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Posted by jill on 4/27/07
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    i too had a similar experience with petsmart in bloomington
    indiana. although they wouldn't have let me see the room had
    i not requested to see other birds. the birds housed in this
    room were being quarantiened for 30 days in these conditions
    so they would know the animals were not sick before they
    were sold was the response i recieved. i too thought it was
    quite cramped but they did have a larger florescent light in
    the room. the door was supposed to stay closed at all times
    unless they were caring for the animals. i can understand
    wanting to keep them for a certain length of time before
    they are sold for health reasons but i too believe they
    should be in a larger room with more light and ventilation.
    i don't know how to make this change but there is my .02

    On 4/26/07, Birdiegirl #1 wrote:
    > After visiting one of the local Petsmarts in my area
    > (Maryland) I will no longer patronize Petsmart unless
    > they change their practices. I wanted to buy a lovebird
    > and a cockatiel, the salesgirl offered to let me see some
    > of the other cockatiels they had in the back of the store
    > so I could decide which one to purchase. I was taken to
    > the back to a closet that was about 4x6 one single light
    > bulb in the ceiling and there were cages stacked about 4
    > high and two wide no windows or ventilation if the door
    > was shut. It was dull and the birds were quiet, the
    > stacking made it even darker for the lower cages. Some of
    > the poo in the cages was discolored and how dismal to be
    > put in a closet and have the door shut for any period of
    > time, anytime someone chose to shut the door or at night.
    > I complained to the manager who advised it is Petsmarts
    > policy to house the birds in the closet (I guess they were
    > the extra birds) there was room in the regular area of the
    > store to have put those birds out there. I noticed that
    > one of the lovebirds feathers looked unhealthy and
    > mentioned that to the manager as well as the fact some of
    > the birds in the closet were showing signs of illness and
    > that they were exposing all of the other birds to
    > potential illness then selling these birds to unsuspecting
    > buyers. I will not do business with any company that
    > treats animals inhumanely or fails to provide adequate
    > care for them when they are makeing money off of them. I
    > have also sent my complaint to Petsmart.