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Posted by Meeko's Mom on 4/27/07
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    On 4/26/07, Birdiegirl #1 wrote:
    > After visiting one of the local Petsmarts in my area
    > (Maryland) I will no longer patronize Petsmart unless
    > they change their practices. I wanted to buy a lovebird
    > and a cockatiel, the salesgirl offered to let me see some
    > of the other cockatiels they had in the back of the store
    > so I could decide which one to purchase. I was taken to
    > the back to a closet that was about 4x6 one single light
    > bulb in the ceiling and there were cages stacked about 4
    > high and two wide no windows or ventilation if the door
    > was shut. It was dull and the birds were quiet, the
    > stacking made it even darker for the lower cages. Some of
    > the poo in the cages was discolored and how dismal to be
    > put in a closet and have the door shut for any period of
    > time, anytime someone chose to shut the door or at night.
    > I complained to the manager who advised it is Petsmarts
    > policy to house the birds in the closet (I guess they were
    > the extra birds) there was room in the regular area of the
    > store to have put those birds out there. I noticed that
    > one of the lovebirds feathers looked unhealthy and
    > mentioned that to the manager as well as the fact some of
    > the birds in the closet were showing signs of illness and
    > that they were exposing all of the other birds to
    > potential illness then selling these birds to unsuspecting
    > buyers. I will not do business with any company that
    > treats animals inhumanely or fails to provide adequate
    > care for them when they are makeing money off of them. I
    > have also sent my complaint to Petsmart.

    I hope you didnt buy the lovebird & cockatiel????
    After receiving your complaint, PetSmart will offer you a
    $25 gift card--- but NEVER change their policy !