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Posted by Birdiegirl #1 on 4/27/07

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    There is never any reason to house birds in a closet
    whether for quarentine or because of the extra amount of
    birds. Besides if they are being quarentined then they
    should not be available for purchase until after the
    quarentine period.
    If they can provide a room to house cats for adoption
    that has glass windows and plenty of lighting as well as
    room to move around in then they can do the same for the
    birds that are quarentined. They have a room that you can
    watch them groom dogs in that is closed off to the store
    area, that is the same type of room they need to avail for
    the extra, or quarentined birds.
    If they were being quarentined then a closet that is open
    is not going to do it the potential illness can become
    airborne with the heating and airconditioning system and
    be dispelled throughout the whole store, (so much for the
    people that bring the pets in shopping with them).

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