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Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/10/07
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    In a perfect world and all that .... Sure it's true one store
    should not reflect any chain's over all operations.

    It is almost a 2 hour travel for me to go to a Petsmart and I
    raved about the new display cages and helpful sales people. I
    incorporated a visit there when I would take any one of my birds
    to an avian vet and with the many here I usually spent a bit of
    $$. Then there came a time when I saw a quaker in a small
    display with a cockatiel... *shudder*. I brought it to the
    attention of the worker nearby and as she turned her back on me
    said 'we always do that'..... I said 'no you don't always do
    that it isn't safe'. A loud mouth customer got between us and
    her VERY LARGE husband got between us. whew.

    I had every intent to write back but with health issues it just
    didn't happen and I haven't been back to the store. I think that
    was 4 years ago.

    Thank you for your input. I for one appreciate it. Yes, I will
    go back to the store ever on guard for that HUGE customer. I
    enjoy seeing all the birds so just maybe they aren't putting
    different species together now.

    LindaC in OK