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Post: Non-toxic bird cage paint.

Posted by sings2ducks on 4/28/07

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    Hi bird people!

    I'm not sure where I should be asking this question, so for
    lack of something that makes more sense I'll post here. :-)

    I've bought a used cage that's perfect in every way except
    that there's old gold paint flaking off of it and there's
    rust as well. So far I've scrubbed it in the bathtub and
    I've used bleach to kill germs.

    My question is about refinishing the cage. How do I know
    what is toxic paint or coating to my Cockatiels and what
    isn't toxic. I'm not taking any chances with these darling
    birds, so I'm waiting to put them in the cage until it's
    painted or coated with something that okay for them.

    Thanks much for any ideas from you all. :-)


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