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Re: Non-toxic bird cage paint.

Posted by Jen on 8/12/07
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    On 4/28/07, sings2ducks wrote:
    > Hi bird people!
    > I'm not sure where I should be asking this question, so for
    > lack of something that makes more sense I'll post here. :-
    > I've bought a used cage that's perfect in every way except
    > that there's old gold paint flaking off of it and there's
    > rust as well. So far I've scrubbed it in the bathtub and
    > I've used bleach to kill germs.
    > My question is about refinishing the cage. How do I know
    > what is toxic paint or coating to my Cockatiels and what
    > isn't toxic. I'm not taking any chances with these darling
    > birds, so I'm waiting to put them in the cage until it's
    > painted or coated with something that okay for them.
    > Thanks much for any ideas from you all. :-)
    > sings2ducks


    I have the same problem with a cage I bought and found this
    It has a list on non-toxic paints and an orgamic paint
    called Real milk paint
    I haven't tried any yet but it's an idea.
    Hope this helps!