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Post: Petsmart

Posted by Birdiegirl #1 on 5/01/07

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    I hope everyone that has a Petsmart near them will take
    the time to check them out ask about the birds they have
    and see if they have anymore if they show you a similar
    situation then report them to the local animal control in
    that area. Let the store manager know that you will
    conduct your business elsewhere if Petsmart continues to
    treat any animal in this fashion, and that you are letting
    your friends and family and co-workers know about their
    practice. Pass the word on to other bird websites.
    I venture to say that at each store they will have a
    different excuse for this practice of closeting birds.

    Thanks for any steps you take, and I have already
    contacted the animal control for Baltimore County who said
    they will investigate. I too will make another trip there
    just to see if it is still ongoing.

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