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Re: Lutino Cockatiel sterile?

Posted by jill on 5/03/07
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    On 5/02/07, sings2ducks wrote:
    > I have a beautiful Lutino Cockatiel here. When I bought the
    > bird the owners told me that it is sterile. That's okay,
    > since I just want it as a pet and not a breeder. But I'm
    > still wondering. It's eyes are not red and it's yellow is
    > intensely yellow. I went out and bought a book that's
    > helpful, but doesn't go into this subject much at all. Can
    > someone educate me? Please?

    if they are telling you this because of the color they don't
    know what they are talking about. perhaps they tried to
    breed them and it didn't take but that doesn't mean anything
    either. the only way to know for sure is to have them
    tested. hope this helps, jill