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Re: Lutino Cockatiel sterile? #2

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/03/07
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    On 5/02/07, sings2ducks wrote:
    > I should add here that I have two cockatiels in the same
    > large cage and they are brother and sister. From the same
    > clutch. I don't want them getting the idea that they can
    > raise a family! That's why I asked the question intially. I
    > am getting confusing opinions from my other sources.

    How do they know the one is sterile? Best advice I can give
    is to get them into seperate cages before there is a mishap
    with inbreeding, birth defects and such. they could have
    supervised playtime. or not.

    this all sounds like a line to me from someone that just
    wanted to get them sold.

    good luck,