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Re: deformed cockatiel?

Posted by Lori on 10/22/07
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    On 5/04/07, Minnie wrote:
    > I recently got a young female cockatiel. She's so very
    > sweet and I enjoy her very much. The breeder I got her
    > from thinks that the mother sat on her incorrctly... She
    > now has twisted legs. The left leg is just slightly
    > twisted, the right however is twisted badly. The right
    > being twisted as badly as it is kind of makes her right
    > wing stand out. My prblem/question is this... is it fair
    > of me to keep her around? She does ok at walking, if she
    > flaps her wings she can walk in a straight line, otherwise
    > it's kind of a circular walk. Her wings are real powerful
    > though. She is able to get to her food and water dishes
    > that came with the cage. Please contact me if you have any
    > thoughts or opinions about this subject
    > Thank you very much. :)
    > on a side note, at this time I do not have any pics of her
    > just yet.

    Hi, I just discovered this site. I don't know if you still
    have this deformed bird,but I have one in similar condition.
    It was that last of group to hatch. It was no.five and the
    vet said it had been sat on and its legs---one spayed and
    one backward. He tried a home made hobble,and it was
    terrible to deal with changing it as it took me so long and
    then it was soiled too often so after 3 mos I quite and let
    the bird just be as is. I had in the meantime created a sm
    wooden box inside of a small cage with seed dishes and seed
    millet sm dishes,broke off the perch and wires similar to a
    a bucket a horse would dip his head into, I supplimented her
    food by hand feding 3x a day as she could not drink from the
    water bottle or dish. I exercised her on my table in a long
    flat box top lid with sides. She can crawl around it with
    her beak and I let her flap her wings as if flying each day
    to give her excerise. The one spayed leg was overcorrected
    and the other leg remains on backward. She is a happy little
    girl and gets lots of love and sometimes watches tv from
    either my holding her in a sm basket or her looking over
    the boxtop. She also eats soft veggies. She was 5 yrs old
    last July. She loves to have her head rubbed. We would not
    dream of getting rid of her.