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Post: deformed cockatiel?

Posted by Minnie on 5/04/07

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    I recently got a young female cockatiel. She's so very
    sweet and I enjoy her very much. The breeder I got her
    from thinks that the mother sat on her incorrctly... She
    now has twisted legs. The left leg is just slightly
    twisted, the right however is twisted badly. The right
    being twisted as badly as it is kind of makes her right
    wing stand out. My prblem/question is this... is it fair
    of me to keep her around? She does ok at walking, if she
    flaps her wings she can walk in a straight line, otherwise
    it's kind of a circular walk. Her wings are real powerful
    though. She is able to get to her food and water dishes
    that came with the cage. Please contact me if you have any
    thoughts or opinions about this subject
    Thank you very much. :)
    on a side note, at this time I do not have any pics of her
    just yet.

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