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Re: deformed cockatiel?

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/04/07
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    With this an educational board we keep replys here. I will
    email you to haul you back in. haha

    She has splayed legs either from parents setting on her or
    not enough nesting material in the nest box. I put 2 inches
    of aspen wood shavings, the tiels toss it out and I put in
    more. Never had a splayed legged tiel I am happy to say.

    Well as far as keeping her around goes there are many
    beloved little feathered friends with handicaps and I for
    one would never consider the alternative. They are members
    of my family. My little Melody/lovie had a splayed leg and
    her former home didn't think she was pretty anymore. huh?
    how sad that is. They offer so much love and only want to
    be loved back. On her good foot she lost 3 toes and almost
    bled to death. A good friend of mine put a fleecey happy
    hut in her cage and I intended to take it out asap so this
    one is my fault. Melody caught her talons in the fleece and
    lost the 3 toes in no more than 15 minutes. Vet visits and
    3 days later she finally stopped bleeding. My crying could
    finally stop.

    This coffee can happy hut has sweat pant leg cut to fit
    threaded inside/outside and it's safe and great for a
    lovie. Tiels usually don't like to get in things.

    Melodys food and water dishes are very shallow ones on the
    cage floor. I wouldn't expect her to climb, hold on and
    eat. she can climb and does well but not to eat at the same

    I hope you either reconsider or find her another home.