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Re: age of cockateils

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/06/07
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    On 5/05/07, peggy mackay wrote:
    > I have a male and female pearl cockateils. I am wondering
    > if there is any way to establish age of these birds as
    > they were adult birds when we got them.

    sadly there is no way to tell their ages. I take it they
    are not banded or you would have said.

    Usually males are not pearls BUT there are exceptions to
    that rule. One of my babys I named Lily then he became Mr.
    Lily for fun. The lady that bought him took him home at
    about 6 months old and could have changed his name.

    If they have been together for a really long time I sure
    wouldn't seperate them either way.

    Just love them like crazy and I am sure you do.

    happy thoughts,