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Re: Looking for my lost Cockatiel

Posted by Toby's Mom on 5/25/07
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    Gail, search the Found Cockatiel ads on
    There have been a number of found cockatiels listed for PA
    for the month of May. Remember that cockatiels are good
    fliers and can be found miles and miles away from home.

    Don't give up ... contact every poster ... even look beyond

    Good luck!

    Karen W.

    On 5/08/07, Gail Wittman wrote:
    > She is about five years old..........Gray and White with
    > orange cheeks. White spots down her wings look like polka
    > dots...............lost in South Coatesville, Chester
    > County Pennsylvania on Sunday May 6th, can
    > even call me at 610-209-6706 if you think you have seen
    > or have her...........thanks.