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Post: fighting

Posted by Darla P. on 5/08/07

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    Hello fellow tiel folk-
    I have had a male and female tiel for 3 years now. 2 years
    ago they blessed me with 3 male babies.
    They have all lived quite happily- until last week- the
    oldest son was pecked until I removed him- luckily- he only
    had a tear in his leg that I was able to have a vet bandage
    and I have been hand ffeding him antibiotics since. He WAS
    NOT returned to the cage but instead, I bought him a new
    cage in which he has been very happy.

    Now today the FATHER was rushed to the vet ER. He was so
    bloody- from an apparant fight while I was gone.

    I am going to persue this with the vet, but what gives?
    Anyone have any clue?

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