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Re: fighting

Posted by To Darla on 5/08/07
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    On 5/08/07, Darla P. wrote:
    > Hello fellow tiel folk-
    > I have had a male and female tiel for 3 years now. 2 years
    > ago they blessed me with 3 male babies.
    > They have all lived quite happily- until last week- the
    > oldest son was pecked until I removed him- luckily- he only
    > had a tear in his leg that I was able to have a vet bandage
    > and I have been hand ffeding him antibiotics since. He WAS
    > NOT returned to the cage but instead, I bought him a new
    > cage in which he has been very happy.
    > Now today the FATHER was rushed to the vet ER. He was so
    > bloody- from an apparant fight while I was gone.
    > I am going to persue this with the vet, but what gives?
    > Anyone have any clue?

    Hi Darla,
    Take the children out. They are too old to be in a cage with
    the parents especially if they are 2 yrs old. This is
    breeding season and its quite normal for male and females to
    be hormonal. They get quite territorial as well. Its doesn't
    matter if they are related, its just nature. My male doesn't
    even have a female here and he is moody during the breeding
    seasons not to mention during moulting.