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Re: Look in the classifieds Zance.

Posted by my bad on 5/17/07
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    On 5/17/07, cheri wrote:
    > On 5/17/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >> Since I don't know the name Zance I was welcoming a new comer. I
    >> don't see anyone else doing that nor offering information on food.
    >> If anyone expects me to feel guilty posting information about
    >> healthy foods, think again >>>>>
    >> Have a nice day :-)
    > I have no Idea who this smart A&& is talking about the fruit and
    > Veggies , Me I so appreciate when you post your info BY THE WAY..
    > the Camomile/ Aloe solution you so kindly shared with me , well now
    > my Mustache is fully feathered.. so if you people are having a issue
    > with what Linda has post in all good intention to help the new
    > comer.. GET OVER IT!!! I mean C'mon do onto others as you would want
    > done onto you,, she so freely passes this out the people to help and
    > all you can do is be sarcastic.. Not very nice or considerate. );

    ok here are the veggies you should be feeding your birds cause nobody
    would know this without the picture