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Re: Look in the classifieds Zance.

Posted by cheri on 5/17/07
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    On 5/17/07, my bad wrote:
    > On 5/17/07, cheri wrote:
    >> On 5/17/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >>> Since I don't know the name Zance I was welcoming a new comer. I
    >>> don't see anyone else doing that nor offering information on food.
    >>> If anyone expects me to feel guilty posting information about
    >>> healthy foods, think again >>>>>
    >>> Have a nice day :-)
    >> I have no Idea who this smart A&& is talking about the fruit and
    >> Veggies , Me I so appreciate when you post your info BY THE WAY..
    >> the Camomile/ Aloe solution you so kindly shared with me , well now
    >> my Mustache is fully feathered.. so if you people are having a issue
    >> with what Linda has post in all good intention to help the new
    >> comer.. GET OVER IT!!! I mean C'mon do onto others as you would want
    >> done onto you,, she so freely passes this out the people to help and
    >> all you can do is be sarcastic.. Not very nice or considerate. );
    > ok here are the veggies you should be feeding your birds cause nobody
    > would know this without the picture
    Hello , I just wanted to share as yrs ago when I got my first bird a
    cockatiel she is 17yrs old now I had no idea , I had no idea Avacado was
    bad for them ect ect... It was only thru listening to others that I
    learned proper diet , Now I have several birds that I feed fresh fruit
    and veggies as well as a variety of cooked food to , I didnt know this
    at first , and didnt know any better so I am truly grateful to those I
    have met on the journey who have shared experience with me.. I still am
    far from were I want to be as far as knowledge , but I continue to
    thrive to learn and try... as a result I had a Mustache Parakeet given
    to me whom was fully plucked in a cage with no toys and only seed diet .
    I adopted her and put her in a bigger cage with lots of Out of cage
    time , she now gets a wide variety in her diet , I learned from Linda
    about the Aloe and Camomile solution and have used that , today she is
    fully feathered, what a site to see Thank you Linda! I would not have
    had a clue if it had not been for meeting wonderful people willing to
    share there experience , No greed, NO sarcasm,, just honest people
    helping one another.. Linda also helped me raise a baby tiel from day was amazing little hope lived... so yes I have some experience
    today but only becuase there were others out there willing to share.. so
    I thank you MY BAD for sharing the wonderful picture Linda shared with
    all of us.. that was very kind of you.
    Have a great day!