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Re: Thanks Cheri.

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/17/07
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    Thanks for good words :-) After 2 years when you popped back in here I
    remembered Hope right away. Made my heart smile I can tell you to know
    she is thriving. The Chamomile and aloe over a period of time really do
    make a difference as you found. I've had great success with it for
    pluckers but not as great as yours. The aloe is just so comforting for
    our little friends.

    Time to feed the blue q babys. Tonight I pull the first green quaker and
    the first tiel of the season. Several more babys have hatched and more
    eggs to go. When my daughter gets moved (one of these days) and takes all
    the babys I will be lost. Until then I will enjoy the heck out of them.
    Oh especially with them sleeping several hours in the night. Thought I
    would wear out my stove timer with round the clock feedings. hahaha

    ((( )))