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Re: Thanks Cheri.

Posted by cheri on 5/18/07
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    On 5/17/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > Thanks for good words :-) After 2 years when you popped back in here I
    > remembered Hope right away. Made my heart smile I can tell you to know
    > she is thriving. The Chamomile and aloe over a period of time really do
    > make a difference as you found. I've had great success with it for
    > pluckers but not as great as yours. The aloe is just so comforting for
    > our little friends.
    > Time to feed the blue q babys. Tonight I pull the first green quaker and
    > the first tiel of the season. Several more babys have hatched and more
    > eggs to go. When my daughter gets moved (one of these days) and takes all
    > the babys I will be lost. Until then I will enjoy the heck out of them.
    > Oh especially with them sleeping several hours in the night. Thought I
    > would wear out my stove timer with round the clock feedings. hahaha
    > ((( )))
    > LindaC


    Hugs for all the wonderful things you do.