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Re: Pelvic Bone Sexing/huh?

Posted by jill on 6/06/07
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    On 6/05/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > If someone suggested to me a method might harm my bird I would
    > take it to heart.... A very old lady I know was doing that with
    > her lovies until her vet told her to stop it NOW. I had already
    > told her and she didn't stop until she really did hurt a bird.
    > On 6/04/07, zance wrote:
    >> On 6/02/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >>> it can bruise your bird so I wouldn't do it.
    >>> dna is the only true way. I get free kits from
    >>>, cut a nail a tad short, put the blood on
    >>> sample card in the kit, do the paper work and send off with
    >>> $19.50 each. you are notified by email a few days later with
    >>> a certificate in the postal mail after that.
    >>> LindaC
    >> ummm....this isn't what I was asking about...I was asking
    >> about Pelvic Bone sexing and if it could be done.
    >> I already know about DNA testing.

    hey linda,...if you read my post i clearly stated that it was
    tramatic for the bird...i'd think this would be good warning. i
    too have known people who did it...not myself of corse....and they
    think it's the best way. i tend to think if your bird is of a
    color that makes it so hard to tell then get it tested...the only
    people i know of that have concern for sex of the animal are the
    one's who intend to my house i have more concern for
    the health of the animal than the sex.
    my lucy is doing very well...just a smidge fat...but i think it's
    because she wasn't getting much exercise till now as what she was
    used to....she was being let out only an hour or so a day until we
    knew she wasn't sick....can't have my birdies getting sick.
    anyway, my little budgie weaned herself!!!!i almost cried the day
    it happened but she is doing very well in her new home
    now....thanks for all of the advice sweetie!!!jill