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Re: Hi Doreen

Posted by LindaC in OK on 6/12/07
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    Most birds have been through a heavy molt and just in
    general preen for hygiene. Most every day in good weather I
    use a plant mister to give birds a shower with 1/3 aloe
    juice/2/3 water. A spray bottle is good for a single bird
    but not directly at it. spray with fine mist up and over.
    The AJ is good for healing and comfort. I get it at Walmart
    in the pharmacy dept.

    I am so glad you are getting him out of the cage. Not sure
    how long you have had him but that has to make him feel
    better. I open cage doors in the morning and guys/gals come
    and go on their own between cage and playgym next to cages.

    Do you know about feeding veggies? Will watch for your
    answer on that one.

    Good to have you here.


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