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Re: Question on Cockatiels

Posted by Birdie on 6/21/07
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    No it doesn't mean that the younger one is a female I have
    males that try to ride other males, but the males don't
    position themselves like females do when another cockatiel
    is attempting to mate with them. Female Cockatiels bend over
    and lean forward a bit on the perch or may position
    themselves on the floor or in a food bowl. Depends on the
    birds and what they choose.

    On 6/14/07, Mia wrote:
    > I have a breeder age male Cockatiel that is wanting to
    > breed.
    > I just obtained a 14 week old Cockatiel which he has tried
    > to ride.
    > Does this mean by his actions that this bird he is trying
    > to ride is for sure a female?
    > Thanks