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Re: linda c...or anyone who can advise

Posted by jill on 6/22/07
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    ok far so good... i have three of the babies pulled
    so far... last one will be out tomarrow night. the younger
    one's just seem to know exactly what to do....from the first
    feeding. it took a couple of days for the oldest one to get
    the idea...what time do you rise thru the week...would have
    liked to call and talk but it's 7:15 am here and i was afraid
    you might not be awake yet...let me know dear lady,jill

    On 6/16/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > I don't count the day hatched so 10'ish days after that. If
    > you are ready sure it's wonderful but pull at night only.
    > About 9'ish is good. Do a bit of a snuggle and put in
    > brooder. This gives the crop all night to empty from parent
    > fed foods and they are ready for handfeeding starting about
    > 7 am. 7, 11, 3, 7, 11 for a few days...
    > I pull each one according to hatch date so they are taken
    > seperately.
    > Wishing you well,
    > LindaC