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Post: Found Cockatiel Story

Posted by featheredfriend on 6/16/07

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    I have found a cockatiel on June 7, 2007 after someone
    contacted me about spotting one. I was able to catch this
    cockatiel and bring home. Placed an ad in the paper and
    on the internet on different websites.
    I was contacted on 6/14/07 by a family excitedly
    describing this bird to me to see if it was their lost
    I met with the family and the bird was very comfortable
    with them. Unlike at my house she was quiet and reserved,
    barely moved out of her position on the swing in the cage.
    I spent two hours with this family to be sure that this
    was their bird and I am confident it was. The rare thing
    about this is that this bird was located 1 1/2 miles from
    their home and had been spotted a few times but she has
    been out there for 3 years.
    I have hope to recover my lost guy as it has only been 3
    weeks (but seems like an eternity) this bird was
    apparently able to survive due to the area, the grouping
    of trees and types of trees, the milder winters we have
    had recently, and the homes that offered bird feeders all
    winter and summer.

    So everyone out there with a missing bird have faith, keep
    your postings updated, and post in other states, keep an
    eye on found post and turn ins. Check with local ASPCA'S
    and local vets. If your newpaper runs free lost and found
    ads keep them going. Notify local wild life
    rehabilitators of your loss sometimes they get called for
    exotics that are spotted.
    When looking for your bird don't just concentrate in the
    trees look on the ground as cockatiels in the wild feed on
    the ground and that is exactly how I was able to find the
    cockatiel that I found she was on the ground feeding.


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