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Post: Cockatiel boarding

Posted by Pebs on 6/26/07

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    Ive been asked to tiel-sit a cockatiel for 3 weeks. I have
    not made a decision, I said I needed to think about it for
    a day or two.
    I would like some input into this from u all. Altho, I have
    had my teil, Star for 6 years, I have never kept anyone
    else's tiel before, every, let along for 3 weeks.
    How would it affect Star? Would I be able to let them
    interact together or should I keep them seperate? Ive been
    told this tiel is tame and can even talk a little
    bit...however I was told that they USE to get him out of
    the cage all the time, until they got a dog and since
    getting the dog they can not get the bird out. I have no
    idea how long they have had the dog tho so, I dont know if
    its been days, weeks, months, or even years. I will find
    out tho, if I choose to do this. If its been a real long
    time since the bird has had out of cage time, then I really
    dont plan to get it out of the cage either, however if its
    been a short time, would it be ok for me to? I also asked
    about illnesses and such and its a healthy bird so, I dont
    know if I should still quaruntee or not? Also, if I choose
    to do this, does anyone have any idea what I should charge?
    I know at one pet boarding place near, they charge $6/day
    for cockatiels so, I was thinking I should go cheaper than
    that so, maybe I should charge $3/day??
    Any input to help me make my decision would be appreciated.

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