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Re: Breeding troubles.

Posted by LindaC in OK on 7/01/07
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    First thing is the 30 day quarantine in seperate cages in
    seperate areas as far apart as possible to avoid illness
    spreading just in case.

    They both MUST be 2 years old or more.

    Following that there is no guarantee any 2 birds will like
    each other just like humans. After quarantine they would
    have supervised play time together with cages across the
    room from each other. Then cages moved closer and closer
    together. IF they are going to bond they would take up
    residence in one of the cages.

    ONLY then would I put on a nest box with aspen wood
    shavings. Not inside a cage but attached to the outside for
    easy access to check eggs/babys.

    There is no guarantee either will want to be involved with
    you personally after bonding but that doesn't mean they
    won't either. We never know that one. 2 clutches in the
    spring and nest boxes come down until the following year so
    calcium isn't depleted from the system making eggs. When
    they don't have eggs and babys could be they would want
    intervention with you.

    You have plenty of time to assure they are both on healthy
    varied diets to include healthy veggies, sprouted seeds,
    cooked foods and treats. I would give them both 5 drops of
    apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water to help flush out any
    minor bacteria. If it's something major they would need a
    vet. I do this once a month for all birds.

    I pull all babys at 10 days old for handfeeding. if you
    want more info on that let me know.

    good luck,