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Re: anyone know anything about genetics?

Posted by jill on 7/06/07
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Share female isn't a pearl...this is what so confused me
    about it....the whiteface being a recessive i
    understand....but thanks, the pearls are beautiful...the
    normal grey is so dark it's almost black...very pretty.
    anyway, i love them all i just thought i'd get some pieds out
    of her since she is so heavy pied herself...thanks,jill

    On 7/05/07, Debby wrote:
    > Hi Jill,
    > If you have a whiteface with a pied female, in order to get
    > whiteface babies, the pied has to have some kind of white
    > face in her. If she doesn't, then you will get pied babies
    > and never any whiteface. White face is a recessive gene. If
    > the pied did have whiteface in her, then you could get
    > whiteface babies.
    > So the pearl female is the dominant gene, thus you got pearl
    > babies.
    > Hope this helps.
    > Debby
    >> how do you get two pearls and a normal grey from a
    >> whiteface male and a heavy pied female? thanks,jill