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Re: anyone know anything about genetics?

Posted by jill on 7/08/07
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    On 7/06/07, Glenda wrote:
    > On 7/04/07, jill wrote:
    >> how do you get two pearls and a normal grey from a
    >> whiteface male and a heavy pied female? thanks,jill
    > I am lousy with genetics but I was always told both birds
    > have to have the pied gene to pass this on to their
    > offspring. Same with the whiteface gene...they both have to
    > have it. Also if your female is not a pearl but you have
    > pearl babies then your male is split to pearl.
    > Glenda

    that is soooooo cool....well they have chosen each other so i
    won't be separating them....i pull them off the nest box after
    this clutch so they won't be blessing me anymore this
    year....but good to know about the splits and all that.