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Re: anyone know anything about genetics?

Posted by Erika on 7/16/07
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    Hi Jill.
    Have you had your male since he was a baby? If not, he may be a
    Pearly. Upon maturity, male Pearly's lose their spots and appear
    as a solid grey as in the normal wild type. He could also be
    split to Pearl.
    If he is a Pearl himself, all female babies will be pearly split
    to white-face. All male babies will be normal grey split to white-
    face and pearly.
    If he is normal grey white-face split to pearly, female babies
    will be either pearly split to white-face or normal grey split to
    white-face. Male babies will be all normal grey split to white-
    face with only a 50-50% chance of also being split to pearly.
    It is hard to tell which he is from one clutch of 3. Hope this