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Re: Found tiel in Chesterfield, Michigan/cross posting

Posted by Paula on 9/03/07
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    On 7/10/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > I do not have this bird this is a cross post.......
    > I am looking for the owners of this Cockatiel. If you lost
    > a cockatiel, please supply a description of the bird and
    > if possible, a photo for identification. I plan to take
    > care of the bird until I can find the owners. I've set it
    > up with bird food, water and a cage of it’s own along with
    > a few toys. It was found outside in my neighbor’s yard. It
    > is eating a seed mix, a few pellets and drinking water. It
    > seems to be in good health. I believe it has only been
    > lost for a day or two.
    > State: Michigan
    > City: Chesterfield Township
    > Breed: Cockatiel
    > Color: You tell me
    > Date Found: July 9, 2007
    > Location Found (streets): 23 Mile & DW Seaton area
    > Banded: yes
    > Finder Name: Cyndi
    > Finder Email:
    > Comments: Provide identifying information to claim bird

    This is a long shot...but maybe just maybe this bird is mine.
    The bcan you describe the coloring of the bird? Do you have
    a picture of the bird? Please email the picture to My daughter has been heart broken ever since
    the bird flew away. Thanks for your consideration.