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Re: bird sick??

Posted by cindy on 7/27/07
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    On 7/27/07, Dave wrote:
    > On 7/27/07, cindy wrote:
    >> what does it mean when my bird just stays on the bottom
    >> and dont want to go up anywhere how can u tel how old a
    >> bird actualy is by ot taking a test anyone please
    > Periodically, parrots stay at the bottom of the cage---1 or
    > maximum 2 days then stays up in the cage and then, sometime
    > in the future, repeats the whole procedure. Some hang out in
    > the roof temporarily. If your parrot has been doing this for
    > a straight week or more, it's best to have it checked by a
    > Vet now before it's to late.
    > As far as age, there's no precise test, just approx guesses.
    > Some parrot's ages can be seen by looking at the eye and
    > checking the color of the iris surrounding the pupil but
    > that won't give an accurate age number, just a method of
    > whether the bird is an adult or not. You never said what
    > kind of parrot you're talking about?-----Dave

    well i thought something was wrong so i did start to take him
    to the vet and it was a cockatiel and i took it to the vet
    but by the time we got there he was gone already i dotn knwo
    wht happened cause he was healthy i thought he seems ok just a
    few hours before when it was feeding time and play time i knew
    somethin was wrong when wegot him on our finger then on the
    shoulder but he didnt flyaway like he normally does but at
    least hes not suffereing anymore poor litle guy i really was
    attached to him