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Re: Wild birds

Posted by Dave on 8/01/07
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    On 7/31/07, Tiffany wrote:
    > I bought 5 cockatiels, less than 1 year old each, thinking
    > I could tame them and make them good pets and then resell
    > them. Well I have run into some problems!! The white-
    > is a beautiful bird and has finally found some trust in me
    > and now will take seeds from my hands. But the other four
    > jump from the side of the cage in terror whenever they see
    > me. I clipped their wings thinking that would help and I
    > didn't notice a difference. Is there any hope or do I
    > have one pet bird and 4 breeders? Please help!!!!!!!

    When a person buys a tiel or any other parrot, it's the job
    and joy of that first buyer to tame it and develop trust and
    if possible, STAY IN THAT FIRST PERMANENT HOME, not to
    resell them... Birds aren't things that should be shuffled
    from person to person. What you're creating is a bird that
    eventually goes to a permanent home after adapting to your
    set of rules and then onto a person who has a different set
    of rules which confuses the bird. In your case, doing things
    like clipping wings because YOU THINK that might help to
    make the birds more tame is also cruel. The reason is
    because you're NOT SURE. That wing clipping decision should
    be left to the permanent owner.
    Are the other 4 breeders? At that age, I doubt it but I hope
    they stay unfriendly towards you. People here as well as
    myself can tell you how to deal with those birds but that
    would only be condoning what you're doing so I won't tell
    you what to do.
    Do the right and humane thing...sell those birds to others
    that will do the work in order to make those birds fit into
    their permanent home and you should learn to make money in
    other ways that don't involve animals. Obviously you know
    little about those birds and their makeup and you must have
    a high opinion of yourself-------Dave