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Re: Wild birds

Posted by Tiffany on 8/02/07
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    Hi again, after some of the responces I got I thought I would
    further describe my situation. I did try to understand the
    cockatiel and bought 2 books on them. I also clipped their
    wings because that was what I had done with two lovebirds I
    had, and they were different tamer birds afterwards. Oh and
    Dave I do not by these birds to make money!!! I bought these
    birds for $35 a piece from an elderly women who had many dogs
    and many more birds and her house reeked of urine and things
    I had never smelled before. I felt bad for the animals or
    trust me I would have walked a way as soon as she had opened
    the door. They were all housed together screaming and flying
    in all directions. I am selling them for $35 a piece I do not
    even charge more since I did take them to a vet and bought
    food and stress relieving drops for them, so actually I am
    losing money on them but only because I love animals. I am a
    college student pursuing my degree in veterinary medicine and
    just thought that this site would give me some helpful hints
    on gaining their trust. So thanks to everyone that did give
    me some advice and to Dave, don't judge people before you
    know the whole story.