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Re: Wild birds

Posted by karen on 8/02/07
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    On 7/31/07, Tiffany wrote:
    > I bought 5 cockatiels, less than 1 year old each, thinking
    > I could tame them and make them good pets and then resell
    > them. Well I have run into some problems!! The white-
    > is a beautiful bird and has finally found some trust in me
    > and now will take seeds from my hands. But the other four
    > jump from the side of the cage in terror whenever they see
    > me. I clipped their wings thinking that would help and I
    > didn't notice a difference. Is there any hope or do I
    > have one pet bird and 4 breeders? Please help!!!!!!!

    There are several ways to calm wild birds.
    Some slow & some more aggressive.
    One school of thought will tell you to sit next to the cage
    and hand them treats.
    Let the bird set the pace
    This is slow but advised by many.

    Another is considered “flooding” & many criticize.
    You will also loose some blood.
    Remove the bird from the cage,
    cup it on your lap gently, no pressure!
    Gently pet it, talk, whisper and remain calm.
    You must not get frustrated,
    if you are tense they will fear you more.
    Putting the bird in a small towel will help with the blood
    letting. (YOUR BLOOD NOT THEIRS)
    Sit with it for 5 min and put into another cage.
    Do this with each bird.
    They will watch what is happening with the other.
    Do this 3 or 4 times a day with each bird.
    One cage to the next. Do this with the calm bird first!
    Give them treats; tell them they are so smart.
    Give them time to calm down before you leave the room
    With luck they will become to realize you are not there to
    kill them. –WARNING! If the bird is sick the stress may
    kill it. This is drastic, but it works.
    As I said, flooding is drastic and should only be done to
    give a bird a last chance to a life without fear.
    In refuges we see many birds at the edge of crazy fear &
    this works with most. Bigger bird, more danger to you.
    Remember this is for the most drastic problem birds only.
    Good Luck, remain calm & think only love