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Re: Wild birds

Posted by electra on 8/03/07
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    On 8/02/07, karen wrote:
    > On 7/31/07, Tiffany wrote:
    >> I bought 5 cockatiels, less than 1 year old each, thinking
    >> I could tame them and make them good pets and then resell
    >> them. Well I have run into some problems!! The white-
    > headed
    >> is a beautiful bird and has finally found some trust in me
    >> and now will take seeds from my hands. But the other four
    >> jump from the side of the cage in terror whenever they see
    >> me. I clipped their wings thinking that would help and I
    >> didn't notice a difference. Is there any hope or do I
    >> have one pet bird and 4 breeders? Please help!!!!!!!
    > There are several ways to calm wild birds.
    > Some slow & some more aggressive.
    > One school of thought will tell you to sit next to the cage
    > and hand them treats.
    > Let the bird set the pace
    > This is slow but advised by many.
    > Another is considered “flooding” & many criticize.
    > You will also loose some blood.
    > Remove the bird from the cage,
    > cup it on your lap gently, no pressure!
    > Gently pet it, talk, whisper and remain calm.
    > You must not get frustrated,
    > if you are tense they will fear you more.
    > Putting the bird in a small towel will help with the blood
    > letting. (YOUR BLOOD NOT THEIRS)
    > Sit with it for 5 min and put into another cage.
    > Do this with each bird.
    > They will watch what is happening with the other.
    > Do this 3 or 4 times a day with each bird.
    > One cage to the next. Do this with the calm bird first!
    > Give them treats; tell them they are so smart.
    > Give them time to calm down before you leave the room
    > With luck they will become to realize you are not there to
    > kill them. –WARNING! If the bird is sick the stress may
    > kill it. This is drastic, but it works.
    > As I said, flooding is drastic and should only be done to
    > give a bird a last chance to a life without fear.
    > In refuges we see many birds at the edge of crazy fear &
    > this works with most. Bigger bird, more danger to you.
    > Remember this is for the most drastic problem birds only.
    > Good Luck, remain calm & think only lov

    suggesting this flooding is terrible. if someone grabbed me
    i'd bite crap out of em too and they'd deserve it. Taming is
    a matter of trust and relationship. None of this can be
    forced. And also birds are wild animals that may never be
    what we anticipate them to be. Leave em be!