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Re: Wild birds

Posted by karen on 8/03/07
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    > suggesting this flooding is terrible. if someone grabbed me
    > i'd bite crap out of em too and they'd deserve it. Taming is
    > a matter of trust and relationship. None of this can be
    > forced. And also birds are wild animals that may never be
    > what we anticipate them to be. Leave em be!

    Dear electra

    Use your tiny, tiny brain for just a moment
    Do you think during a vet exam, blood draw, a bit of flooding is
    Putting them in a metal box to weigh them????
    If that is the first time the bird experiences this do you think
    the added stress will kill it??
    When it is already sick??
    Purchase Good bird inc. –vet exam info
    What is the towel game other than flooding????
    Do you have any idea how to calm a wild bird???????
    Have you done anything of the sort??????
    What is your answer to the wild bird???
    Quit your bitching and be constructive!!