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Re: Wild birds

Posted by karen on 8/03/07
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    >> I calmed a wild cockatiel a few years ago with the first
    >> method Karen mentioned. It worked. But, it took a long time
    >> for this bird to trust me. Once I earned his trust, he was the
    >> sweetest bird !
    > yes I have had alot of rescue birds, kids etc........none of
    > which would responded with trust to being physically accosted by
    > a towel or physical man handling. During a vet exam toweling is
    > used to subdue for the sake of a medical examination not for the
    > purpose of buiding a trusting relationship. Medical exams would
    > not require the forcing of the bird for the sake of my own ego.
    > Neither is transporting or weighing the bird designed to build a
    > relationship so your point is???? Nobody said anything about a
    > refuge????? So again your point is??? If it was a dog,human,
    > or bird animals as people respond to a caring and considerate
    > environment. You even said that may cause stress to the point
    > of heart failure in some birds......and this would be acceptable
    > when??? Certainly only under medical necessity. That being
    > said, take the gentle route of trining mentioned first. And
    > also being willing to accept that the birds may not ever be what
    > you had in mind. Are you aware that most human therapists
    > completely reject the idea of physical flooding of any kind
    > because it is considered ineffective and inhumane??? They may
    > at times use environmental flooding of stimuli but this rarely
    > includes a physical component. Also I can post what and where I
    > wish since it's not YOUR board.

    Works both ways baby!!
    Many people use flooding but since they are doing it, of course it
    can not be called flooding!!
    It is not flooding if it is necessary!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!
    Flooding is flooding no matter who does it or why!
    Look a little closer at your own actions!