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Re: Wild birds

Posted by karen on 8/03/07
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    > Hi Karen,
    > Well you knew people were going to come back at you with your advice
    > of flooding. Oh well, people are people and some just can't seem to
    > keep quite sometimes. I would have to agree with you on the
    > toweling, flooding, or whatever its being called. I've had alot of
    > birds for over 30 yrs, most of which I got were not tamed. By using
    > this method it has worked for every single bird and no problems.
    > Its not like the bird is being grabbed in such an abusive way. This
    > is what we do when clipping wings or toe nails as well. As a matter
    > of fact my avian vet, who is a very well known vet, has encouraged
    > me to do this. So, I'm going to be one that stands behind you on
    > this. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, however there seems to
    > be alot of dissagreements without a solution of their own.

    Thank you
    As I said I only use this on birds crazy with fear.
    Frequently it only takes 1 or 2 times to calm them
    -Better than living for years in fear!!!
    The technical term for flooding could be called
    “progressive desensitization”
    Sounds better, but it is still the same thing
    I responded to the plea after nasty condescending remarks by others.