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Re: Wild birds

Posted by Trena on 9/05/07
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    On 7/31/07, Tiffany wrote:
    > I bought 5 cockatiels, less than 1 year old each, thinking
    > I could tame them and make them good pets and then resell
    > them. Well I have run into some problems!! The white-headed
    > is a beautiful bird and has finally found some trust in me
    > and now will take seeds from my hands. But the other four
    > jump from the side of the cage in terror whenever they see
    > me. I clipped their wings thinking that would help and I
    > didn't notice a difference. Is there any hope or do I
    > have one pet bird and 4 breeders? Please help!!!!!!!

    Hi Tiffany! I am new to this board... and OMG can people get
    down-right mean!!!!! I DO NOT think what you did was mean or
    crule, clipping birds wings is very common, and I myself do
    clip my birds wings. I would say just keep working with the
    other 4 and maybe they will trust you. I think buying them
    and reselling them after they are tame is a good thing. I
    love animals too, and I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME AS YOU DID.
    I sill can't believe what some people say on here! I am
    afraid that if people started talking to me like that I would
    go crazy all over them! Trena