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Re: Cockatiels feet are peeling

Posted by Jean on 8/09/07
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    The best thing to do is take to a vet and not wait for
    answers that are just a guessing game at best, there are
    many reasons a birds feet could be peeling, from ailments to
    cleaning compounds used on the perch and the sensitivity
    definetly should be addressed by an Avian vet.
    Don't wait for answers here get an appointment. In the
    meantime clean the perches with a mild solution of vinegar
    and water and rinse well do not let the perches stand in
    water and make sure they are dried well before putting them
    back in the cage.
    Look at the bottom of your birds feet and see if they are
    smooth and pinkish red, I would bathe them in semi cool
    water if they are.

    On 8/08/07, Joan wrote:
    > My Cockatiels feet look like they are peeling.
    > He seems to be sensitive to standing on them.
    > Anybody got any ideas as to what is causing this?