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Post: Cockatiel w/seizure or convulsions ?

Posted by Beth on 8/18/07

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    A friend of mine brought a 2 yr. old cockatiel to me. When
    she arrived with the bird, it was in some sort of seizure,
    fit or convulsion. It's body would jerk at regular

    My friend supposed that the bird had injured a leg on the
    trip. (She said it had flapped around and screamed during
    the transport.) It occurred to me that it may have been
    having a panic attach, heart attack, heat stroke or

    After about 1 1/2 hours, the fits stopped, but the bird was
    very quiet and seemed quite listless. At one time I
    thought it was dead. My friend decided that she couldn't
    part with the bird, so she took it back home. I never
    thought it would never live through the night, but it did.

    Anyway, it seems to be recovering from whatever the attack
    was. I am just trying to figure out what on earth
    happened! Anyone experience something like this?

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